Sell Gold – Selling gold is not that easy unless you choose the right gold buyer.

Sell Gold – Selling gold is not that easy unless you choose the right gold buyer.

There are many gold buyers in Bangalore who offers services like buying your Gold for cash, but wait!! Not all are as genuine as you think. Here are some tips we provide to you to find the right buyer.

  1. Don’t be too price dependant check for other factors like the credibility, reviews about the company.
  2. See that the gold buyer is a registered firm, only registered firms come under GST.
  3. Carry your ID, address proof & bill copies if you have to transact, professional and organised gold buyers will not entertain you without these documents.
  4. Gold buyer must have a spectrometer (Gold testing machine), do not compromise on this.
  5. Ensure that the test take place within the office or store and do not agree if the buyer wants to send your gold outside his premises for testing.
  6. Gold buyer must not indulge in primitive acid testing for gold jewellery, acid test is ok in case of silver articles only.
  7. If you have gold silver diamonds to sell look for a gold buyer who deals in all the three, you will get a better bargain if you sell all in one place rather than 3 different places.
  8. Make sure you have a count of all the jewellery you take for valuation.
  9. See that the jewellery pieces are weighed by a digital scale in front of you, ensure that the scale is in zero before the process.
  10. You must opt for bank transfer via IMPS so that the amount credits your account instantly & proper purchase bill must be provided for the transaction. (carry your bank details like a/c no. Ifsc code)

I hope this article will give you an insight how to proceed in selling gold and choosing the right gold buyer.

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