Home Valuation


Selling Gold - Home Valuation Service

Ornaments which are BIS Marked are eligible for Home Valuation, You will have to identify the BIS Logo followed by the purity on the reverse of your ornament.

  • All Gold Ornaments which are BIS Hallmarked
  • BIS Marking - (958) Coresponding to 23kt
  • BIS Marking - (916) Coresponding to 22kt
  • BIS Marking - (875) Coresponding to 21kt
  • BIS Marking - (750) Coresponding to 18kt
  • BIS Marking - (585) Coresponding to 14kt
  • BIS Marking - (375) Coresponding to 09kt
  • Total Quantity above 50Gms
  • Ornaments which are not Hallmarked cannot be purchased without testing therefore this facility is applicable only to customers with 916 Hallmarked Jewellery
  • This facility is available only at Bangalore BBMP Limits and an appointment request shall be made in advance.
  • There will be a charge of Rs 500/- per transaction.
  • You will be provided with an initial estimation prior to the visit by our representative.
  • Stone, Beads, Enamel will have no value and the estimated weight will be deducted from valuation.
  • Home valuation does not apply to jewellery which contain wax, diamonds you will have to visit our office.
  • Amount will be transferred to your Bank account vide IMPS, GST will be applicable.
  • First check for the BIS Markings on your ornaments.
  • Make note of the Gross & Nett weights of the ornaments. (You can skip this step if you are unaware of the weights)
  • Send us a picture of the ornaments by (Email: helpdesk@dgold.in) or by WhatsApp to +919880077297.
  • Once we receive the information we will give you an approximate valuation.
  • On your confirmation our valuator will approach you at your convenient time.
  • Our valuator will check for the BIS Markings and also carry with him a portable digital weighing scale.
  • The Amount will be transferred to your Bank a/c therefore please handover a cancelled cheque leaf.
  • You must also provide him with you ID Proof, Address proof & Bill copies if any. For values above two lakhs PAN is mandatory.

image of the most commonly used BIS purity seal