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we buy diamond solitaires  sell your certified diamond solitaires for cash, you can sell your loose diamonds (preferably certified) at dgold. our diamond expert will give you an evaluation instantly. WE BUY VGOOD & EXCELLENT CUT DIAMOND solitaires OF "IF, VVS & vs" IN CLARITY WITH A COLOR GRADE OF D E F G H only. 

selling DIAMONDs jewelry ? at dgold  you can sell your diamond jewelry, the ones which you do not use anymore, we buy vgood & excellent cut diamond jewellery of "if & vvs" in clarity with a color grade of D E F G h. so if you have a certification please keep it handy.  just visit our office by appointment you can call +91 9880077297. (cLICK HERE TO CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY)


STEP-1 (ESTIMATION)  the standard metric of weighing diamonds is in Carats (CT), and generally set in 18KT gold. diamond value depends on 3 c's ( cut, color, clarity). having a gia or igi certificate is always handy, but if you dont have a certificate our diamond experts will evaluate it. 

STEP-2 (Testing) diamond testing is done by a 10x loupe MAGNIFIER, if necessary the ornament will be given an ultrasonic cleansing to remove any dust & grime present in it.  (accuracy of testing may depend from each valuator as it is human intelligence) therefore we advice you to take multiple opinions before selling diamond jewellery.    


STEP-3 (evaluation) the value of gold & diamond will be combined and provided to you. unlike gold & silver, selling diamond jewellery is not advised. diamonds are generally sold by jewellers with hefty wastage, making charges & diamond charges, you may loose this additional charges while selling diamond jewellery. (diamond jewellery which do not match our standards will not be purchased).

STEP-4 (documentation) customers must provide 1 id proof & 1 address proof for verification. you can provide billS to authenticate YOUR ownership. documents such as pan, aadhar, DL, RC CARD, voters id, passport, work id, electricity, telephone or gas connection bill. WE HAVE A STRICT NO MINOR POLICY, (PERSONS AGED BETWEEN 18 TO 21 YEARS MUST HAVE THEIR PARENTS CONSENT TO TRANSACT) for any other docs please call us.


STEP-5 (payments) the mode of payment depends on the valuE and documentation provided. payments WILL BE MADE AS PER GUIDELINES BY cash, imps, neft, rtgs & cheque, you can talk to our branch administrator REGARDING YOUR PREFERENCE. your bank information such as a/c no. ifsc code are required in case of imps, neft, rtgs transfers.