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Release gold from Bank & finance companies, Are you paying hefty interest & unable to recover your gold. Act before its too late, Release gold from Banks & finance companies and sell it, you may benefit by doing so.

!! Stop paying hefty Interest !! We release gold from Banks & Gold loan companies and purchase it.

We buy gold which has been pledged by you in Banks, Gold loan companies, pawn brokers etc. We provide you an upfront advance to release your gold and the same will be purchased by us at the current market values.

Act before its too late, Your gold loan accumulates interest every month ranging from 15% to 36% per annum. If you are unable to clear your loan don’t hesitate to liquidate it and get some benefit. In most of the default cases, the gold can be auctioned by the financier & may also face legal issues for non-repayment. DGOLD help you to Release pledged gold Bangalore.

release gold

Procedure to Release & sell gold

  • Step 1- Call your financier to provide him your gold loan account details and check your outstanding amount (principal + interest) to release the gold loan.
  • Step 2- Visit our office and present your gold loan document for a preliminary estimation. Do let us know the purities of the gold ornaments, place of purchase, time of purchase. A scenario report will be generated based on the information provided. If your Gold loan is feasible we will provide you with an offer and it is left to you to accept it. Your KYC will be completed and arrangement will be made to Release pledged gold Bangalore.
  • Step 3- Our Valuator will accompany you to the Bank or Finance company and make the payment directly After the gold is released you can head back to our office for final testing & valuation.
  • Step 4- Once the test results are ascertained the evaluator will log it into our system and an auto-generated final valuation report will be shown. On your acceptance payment will be made to you instantly by Cash* / Imps / Neft or Rtgs.

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