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When to comes to investment, precious metals, especially gold is something that attracts an investor who is looking at highly profitable options. Though it is not wrong that gold fetches high returns, it happens only when you do it right, and doing it right depends on when you’re investing.

If you are someone who aspires to begin investing in gold or increase their profits, it is always confusing as to when you should buy. Though it is a little technical, investing in gold is always a very interesting decision to make.

DGold is the first professional company in India for purchasing gold at fair and transparent prices. We use internationally accepted standards and latest technology for evaluating the value of your precious ornaments. While many showrooms will buy your jewelry, we at DGold provide the best rates. We guarantee that our price is the best and most honest.

1. When the stock market looks shaky

So, usually, when the other stocks are very unstable, most investors use gold to cushion their losses by investing in precious metals, especially gold. This is the right time to take advantage of the unstable market.

However, in order to know when this period of instability comes, you need to keep track of the market and be up to date with stock trends, so you make no mistake.

2. When the gold rate is lower than the rate at which you last bought

This one comes with a lot of long-term trading experience. The basic logic behind this is the anticipation of a bounce back in gold price after gold falls below the price you last purchased it at.

3. When gold has been on a higher price for a long time

You know that the future of this is going to be a fall in price after the peak. That will be the time when you go long on gold, making the most of your waiting. This is something that relies partly on market research, past trends, and your understanding of investor behavior also.

4. When the gold price is at or below the moving average

For this, you have to first calculate the moving average and compare the price of gold with it. If the price is equal to or lower than the 200-day moving average, it is your time to go long. For this very calculated decision-making process, you regularly need to follow gold prices. One place where you can get LIVE regular updates on gold prices is Augmont Gold App, which you can install on your phone itself!

5. When to sit back, and hold on to what you have

It’s not always about trading when it comes to the bullion market. There are also times when you need to have patience, not selling or buying. Those are the times either when the market is too volatile to risk it, or when you’re looking at much bigger profit margins on your investment, which is only possible in the long-term.


6. Gold Sell

Sell gold at the highest gold market value. We buy gold in form of jewelry, bars & coins. If you are looking to dispose of your gold and convert it to cash please do visit our office. We have streamlined our trading procedure with a lot of professionalism, unlike pawnbrokers & merchants.

Gold will be purchased based on its weight & purity, We use the best technologies available for valuation. Our weighing scales are of German make Mettler Toledo which is the best in the industry, we use the state of the art gold testing machines / Xref spectrometer MXGT pxi and to top it all we have evaluators who have 20 years of experience in this industry.


6. Procedure for old gold selling

  • Step 1- Collect all the gold pieces you want to sell and keep aside all the pertaining bills of the gold ornaments. (Bills are not mandatory but if present will act as a reference point for the weights and purities)
  • Step 2- Visit our office and present your gold for evaluation. Once the pieces & weights are recorded we will provide you with an initial estimation. On your approval, we shall test the gold using our Xref – Spectrometer to ascertain the exact purities of the gold ornaments. (Note: other elements such as Stones, Beads, Enamel, the wax will have no value) The test time for each article may take up to a minute.
  • Step 3- Once the test results are ascertained the evaluator will log it into our system and an auto-generated final valuation report will be shown. On your acceptance payment will be made to you instantly by Cash* / Imps / Neft or Rtgs.

At DGold, we also buy gold sell Gold coins and other collector’s items. We have experts to evaluate all kinds of gold products and would be happy to purchase any gold off your hands! We buy all kinds of fine jewelry, broken gold pieces, scrap gold, coins, and bullion, offering the highest price in the market for all your valuables. old gold selling to DGOLD at best price.

Why choose D Gold?

  • Transparent evaluation.
  • Highest price offered in the market.
  • Deal in all kinds of gold jewelry.
  • Computerized testing
  • Complete privacy for your transactions.
  • Flexible payment methods and cash payout.
  • gold sell / old gold selling

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