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Get Spot Cash Against Credit Card in Bangalore

Cash on Card is a major service provider for cash against credit card in Banglore. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t face money issues in his entire life. We always see people complain that they are running out of money and unable to fund their basic needs. Everyone faces such a situation for once or more instances where they need urgent cash to fund something. In such situations, they try to find the different ways to manage this money. But it becomes difficult to find the way which will provide the money on time when you require it. In such scenarios, cash against credit card is the best solution for you to raise quick fund in emergency conditions. Obtaining cash against credit card in Bangalore is a wise thing if done properly. It is necessary for you to know the whole idea behind it and how it actually works.

Cash for Credit Card

How to Get Spot Cash against Credit Card in Bangalore?

Obtaining cash from a credit card is a simple and straightforward process. Following are the steps to get a cash against credit card in Bangalore.

  • Check Your Credit Limit

    You must figure out your credit limit to know how much cash you can withdraw from your credit card. This credit limit varies with the type of card you hold. You can take consultation from cash on card service provider to know the actual cash withdrawal possible on your card.

  • Carry Necessary Documents

    When you are visiting cash from DGOLD.  you should carry your credit card along with your identification documents such as Aadhar card, PAN card, etc. It is always recommended to carry them for the secure and transparent process.

  • Pay Interest Charge & Collect Cash

    In the beginning, your provider will tell you about the interest charges applicable to your withdrawal amount. If you are fine with all the terms & conditions you can collect the final cash after deduction of interest charges.

cash against card

Gold Cash voucher against credit card in Bangalore


We provide Spot Gold Cash voucher against all major Credit Cards. We provide Spot Gold Cash voucher against International Credit Cards also. Our services are available on all weekdays with 0 obligations. Just Swipe and avail Gold Cash voucher in seconds on your Credit Card.

Visa | Master Credit Cards

Spot GOLD Cash voucher can be purchased against Visa & Master Credit Cards. We provide Spot GOLD Cash voucher against International Credit / Debit Cards also.

Card Swipe

Just Swipe and avail GOLD Cash voucher in seconds on your Credit Card‎ across Bangalore city, Our services are available on weekdays.

  • Get Spot GOLD Cash voucher On Credit & Debit Card.
  • Swipe Your Credit / Debit Card & get GOLD Cash voucher Immediately.
  • Customer Service point.
  • Gold Cash voucher against Credit & Debit Cards.
  • Spot Gold Cash voucher against all major Domestic & International Credit & Debit cards.

Highly secure

Swipe your card with highly secured machine.

GOLD Cash voucher in seconds

You get your gold cash in seconds after your swipe.

Instant approval*

*Approval subject to Bank authorization.

All Credit cards

We accept credit cards issued from Visa/ Master/ Dinners..etc


Gold Cash Voucher – Call us for pricing & details

080-29700966 / +919880077297 / +919036000360

Terms & Conditions.

  1. The Credit card holder must be present at the time of a transaction.
  2. An ID proof should be produced by the cardholder.
  3. (Domestic Cards) Service charges 5% will be deducted from the payout.
  4. (International Cards) Service charges may vary.
  5. American Express (AMEX) cards are not accepted.

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