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!! Stop paying hefty Interest !! We release gold from Banks & Gold loan companies and purchase it.

We buy gold which has been pledged by you in Banks, Gold loan companies, pawn brokers etc. We provide you an upfront advance to release your gold and the same will be purchased by us at the current market values.

Act before its too late, Your gold loan accumalates interest every month ranging from 15% to 36% per annum. If you are unable to clear your loan dont hesitate to liquidate it and get some benefit. In most of the default cases the gold can be auctioned by the financier & may also face legal issues for non repayment.

Procedure to Release & sell gold

  • Step 1- Call your financier provide him your gold loan account details and check your outstanding amount (principle + interest) to release the gold loan.
  • Step 2- Visit our office and present your gold loan document for a preliminary estimation. Do let us know the purities of the gold ornaments, place of purchase, time of purchase. A scenario report will be generated based on the information provied. If your Gold loan is feasible we will provide you with an offer and it is left to you to accept it. Your KYC will be completed and arrangement will be made to release your gold.
  • Step 3- Our Valuator will accompany you to the Bank or Finance company and make the payment directly, After the gold is released you can head back to our office for final testing & valuation.
  • Step 4- Once the test results are ascertained the valuator will log it into our system and an auto generated final valuation report will be shown. On your acceptance payment will be made to you instantly by Cash* / Imps / Neft or Rtgs.

Gold price in Bangalore

Gold is a precious commodity traded at all exchanges over the world, Gold commodity prices are subject to volatility like any other commodity or equity traded in these exchanges. The London stock & New York stock exchange plays a major role in the determination of gold prices all over the world.

At DGold we fix the selling & buying price based on the international markets & Local markets. You can send a WhatsApp message GOLD to 9880077297 and get our instant buying price for gold.

Eligibility / Payments / Frequently asked questions




A symbol of prosperity and wealth, gold is often pledged to tide over difficult times. Especially in southern parts of India, it is a common practice to pledge gold ornaments to meet financial needs.


Most pawnbrokers and non-financial banking companies charge exorbitant interest rates on loans against the precious metal. Owing to this, while it may be a good idea to pledge your jewelry for a short period of time, extremely high-interest rates often override the value of the pledged jewelry in the long run.

In case you have pledged your gold ornaments but you think you cannot afford to release your jewellery in the future, it is recommended to act now and save up on paying the unnecessary interest. Use “ DGOLD’s Best service ” to settle your loan.

How we can help:

  • We give you funds to pre-close your pledge.
  • We will buy the pledged jewelry at a fair price determined by fair valuation, refunding you the balance after adjusting it against the funds provided to you.

Take action now or regret! To know more, contact us through any of the modes described below.

1.Tele Support – 6 days a week (Mon – Sat)

Call or SMS “Release Gold” on our number, +919880077297 between 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM, to receive prompt assistance from our Customer Support Executives.

We are happy to clear your doubts and offer personalized attention to each customer. A consumer is a king, and we aim to serve you!

2.Online Support/Form Support


We offer online assistance for your queries.


3.Email Support


For a swift response to your query, send us an email with the subject line ‘Release Gold’ mentioning your phone number and location at helpdesk@dgold.in and we will call you back.


4.Walk-in to one of our friendly Branches


Since we value our customers the most, we invite you to walk into any of our branches to discuss your requirement. It is suggested to find out the amount required to release your gold before planning a visit.


Once you determine the amount, walk into any of our friendly branches with the following documents for an efficient resolution:


  1. A valid ID proof (copy for submission and original to be shown for verification)
  2. Pledge Documents (copy)
  3. Latest address proof (copy for submission and original to be shown for verification)


Please note that we only carry out transactions that are beneficial to you. It is possible that the amount raised by selling the gold to us is not sufficient to cover the outstanding amount on your pledge. We have sophisticated systems where we feed in the numbers to determine whether the transaction is actually feasible or not and advise you accordingly.


5.The valuation process and payout


We follow accepted standards for determining the purity of your gold. The process of evaluation is simple, transparent and easy to follow.


  1. Please present your pledge documentation for verification by our staff. Once our staff approves the documents, you are required to hand over the pledge slip to our staff. You are also requested to give an authority letter authorizing our person to collect the ornaments from the concerned bank or pawnbroker once the release is effected.
  2. Our staff will carry out the valuation of your gold ornamants on the basis of the pledge documents submitted by you. We will make a proper valuation and tell you the net amount payable to you after making the deductions (2% commission, 1% VAT and the preclosure fee for your gold loan).
  3. On the basis of our assessment, we will inform you whether the release is feasible or not. Based on the feasibility of the transaction, once you give your acceptance, our staff will join you to get your pledged gold released after paying off the loan amount to the concerned bank.
    Please note that once we release your gold after paying off your gold loan, we do not give your gold ornaments back.
  4. As a regulatory requirement, the staff will hand you over a form that you must fill completely and accurately. Hand over your personal documents (ID Proof address Proof ) along with the form.
  5. The ornaments will be weighed to your satisfaction, and stone weight will be reduced according to the actual stone weight in the jewelry. Customers may give a written declaration to remove the stones. In certain cases, we may melt the gold to get the accurate caratage of the metal.
  6. Based on the purity percentage, we will determine the gold percentage in your jewelry and accordingly determine the gross value of your ornaments. At DGold, we use world-renowned German made Carat Checking Machine, “MXGT AURA”, that uses the latest SIP technology to determine the Purity of the ornaments
  7. Each branch of DGold displays the buying gold rate.
  8. A final assessment of the jewelry will be shared with you showing the details of payment. Upon your satisfaction, you could choose a payment method of your choice to receive your funds. Please note that all payments are subject to prevailing rules.
  9. Once we have settled your gold loan and your ornaments have been released, if the value of the released gold is found to be less than the loan amount that we have paid on your behalf, you must pay us back the excess amount paid by us.
  10. After your gold ornaments are released, we will check them for purity. In case they turn out to be fake, the customer is liable to pay us the full loan amount as well as our commision (2%). If the customer fails to make the full payment to the company, strict legal action will be taken against the customer.


We charge a nominal transaction fee of 2.00% of the gross value. This is reflected in the final assessment shared with the customers.

Warning : Trying to sell stolen or spurious articles is a criminal offense, Sellers must provide proper documentation to transact.We do not entertain minors under any circumstances. Persons between the age 18 to 23 years must have consent of their family members to transact. Verification will be done if necessary. DGold.in reserves the right to reject any transaction, Suspicious transactions will be reported to the appropriate agencies. Check your eligibility.    Click here

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